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How to Get the Most out of Online Sports Betting Sites

Sports betting is popular, going hand in hand with plenty of sports. Some countries where gambling is illegal, make it difficult for their citizens to bet, or rather, impossible. But, since it is legal in most of the world, most of the world enjoys sports betting, especially when their favorite teams and athletes are competing.

Given that we have lots of new technology around, for example, the internet, even sports betting has become available with a click of a button. There is a small problem, there are so many sports betting sites. How does one make use of such a high number of sites? What is the best way to use sports betting sites to your advantage? Here is how you can make the most of online sports betting.

Use Promotional and Signup Codes

Every sports betting site which is worth a dime has promotional codes and signup codes. You might not get both of them at the same time, but you will get one or the other. Promotional codes, like this 1xBet Promo Code, can be used to have a larger deposit or more cash to spend when betting. Promotional codes can be used only once per person. With this in mind, you can visit multiple sites and create accounts on each of them, to get more deposits. 

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The Odds – They are not the Same

Not every betting site will have the same odds for the same matches. This is why you should check more sports betting sites out. The more sites you visit, the more you will know about the odds, and you can even establish an average and see whether your bet is the optimal one. If a single site rates a match differently, that is no reason to be alarmed, but if you find different odds on multiple sites, you might want to change your opinion on a bet.

Not Every Site is Reliable

Online sportsbooks can also be a dead end. You might want to reconsider joining every single site. Not all of them are trustworthy. Check out various review sites, as there are dedicated sites which only review online sportsbooks. If they have any sites blacklisted, avoid them without a second thought. 

Not Every Site is Great for All Sports

Some sites specialize in a couple of sports. You should take note of that before you place your bet. You are far more likely to find various basketball matches on a sportsbook which is dedicated to basketball more than other sports. Some niche sports are very hard to find.

With these tips, you should be ready to bet online, especially if you are interested in sports betting. If you do plan on betting, do so responsibly.

What is Virtual Football Betting and Should You Try It?

Today’s world has had plenty of interesting innovations. Some of these innovations include mobile phones and the internet. These two things enable us to do almost everything from wherever we are, provided that we have a signal and a connection.

What do people do with their mobile phones, you ask? Well, a lot of things. They call one another, text one another, view each other’s profiles on social media, search the internet, view videos and even gamble. Yes, the internet is used for gambling, from online casinos, to sports betting. You only need to register on a site, following a simple guide, like this Bet9ja registration guide, and you are set to explore the world of online casinos and sportsbooks.

And that world has plenty of new shiny toys to show you. One of those toys is Virtual Football Betting. Here is everything you need to know about it.

Virtual Football Betting – What to Expect

You know how regular betting works? You see the odds, maybe study the teams/players and place your bet, win, lose or tie. Well, virtual football betting works the same, except that the matches are completely simulated by an unbiased computer. They are tweaked so that they match the skill level of the teams at the moment, but they are nowhere like the real matches. So, they are more like a game of roulette or slot machine, closer to roulette than slot machine. Slot machine games are completely random and not in your favor, while you can estimate some odds when you play roulette. With virtual football, you can expect almost anything, but for most of the time, the virtual teams to play the games out according to the odds.

Is Virtual Football Right for You?

Do you like gambling in general or do you prefer doing your own research? If you prefer simple gambling, then bet on virtual football games. They are always available to you and you can bet at any given time. Real matches, on the other hand, require you to do a little research if you want to actually profit and even then, games are turned by a substitution or a couple of players having their hero moments. If you like to do your research and are more interested in stats than a pure gambling experience, you should bet on real football. 

Where Can You Bet on Virtual Football?

Well, most reputable online sportsbooks offer virtual football as a “sport” to bet on. What you need to know is that not all sportsbooks have the same algorithm for deciding who the winner between the two virtual teams will be. Be careful when choosing a site to give your money to. If you have doubts, read reviews, and if you have more doubts, bet on real football matches.

Virtual football is basically a simulated football match which you can watch on your screen or in VR. It is much more gambling than regular sports betting where you can actually do your research and increase the odds for yourself. Gambling is still gambling and if you plan on doing it, gamble responsibly.

A Beginner’s Guide to Esports – Everything You Need to Know about Esports

When you start playing video games, did you ever think that you could have competed professionally? If you were in West Europe or the United States during the 90s, then you could have attended some events and competed in games like Quake and Street Fighter, not to mention the first Starcraft. Yes, these were all esports titles. Ironically, people consider esports to be only games which you can play online, but almost all large esports tournaments are played on a local network, for a couple of simple reasons, speed, control and practicality. So, what is esports, for those who have never heard of the term? Here is everything you need to know about it, step by step.

Esports or Electronic Sports

The name should be self-explanatory, esports stands for electronic sports and refers to people competing in various video games on a professional level. Today, there are amateur and professional leagues, not to mention academy leagues, which are used to train new players to become professionals. Each popular video game has its own professional leagues which are organized by sponsors and the developer/publisher. For example, Tencent and Riot Games organize the League of Legends tournaments, like the LCS, LEC, LCK and LPL, not to mention the World Championship. Each of the four are regional championships which have, like regular sports, their regular season and playoffs. Some esports copy the formats of physical sports, while other esports find a format which is more suitable to their game.

Who Can Compete and In Which Game?

Any player who is good enough can be an esports athlete. The age of esports athletes is anywhere between 17 and 40. Some athletes start younger but most professional leagues do not allow competitors to be younger than 17. Whether you get picked up by a team or if you get good enough on your own, for example, in strategy games or fighting games like Street Fighter V. Some players are better when they go over 30, even though their reflexes might slow down, their game knowledge and maturity often helps. Younger players often struggle with emotions and in general, growing up (given that most of them start as very young teenagers).

Can You Bet on Esports?

Yes, esports betting has become really popular, so much, that people who have not even considered esports real sports and have laughed at the idea, have started to bet on esports. A market is a market, to punters. Some have even found a new love for teams and brands which participate across different games. Plenty of online bookmakers offer betting on popular esports titles. Even local bookmakers have started allowing people to bet on esports matches.

How Can You Watch Esports?

Esports titles can be watched on any online streaming service, for the west, YouTube and for most of the time. In China, for example, some western sites are banned and you can watch streams through their media. Esports is most often streamed and organizers almost always save videos on demand, or VODs, for fans to watch in case they miss a live stream.


Now that you know a bit more about esports, will you consider watching some matches, live or otherwise? You might end up liking it a lot.

Reasons Why Sports Betting Is Harder Than You Think

At first glance, betting seems rather simple. You go to a kiosk, say the name of the team, dog or horse that you think will win and wait for the outcome. And it is supposed to be like that, beginners should know how it works right from the get-go and the concept needs to be simple. However, as you delve deeper into all the possible bets and circumstances, your head starts to hurt and tell yourself that it is more fun to keep it simple. This is why betting is actually hard, as it takes time and energy to unravel all the factors and then place your bet. Here we will go over some reasons why betting is harder than a lot of us think.  

Understanding how it works

In order to understand how it works, you need to learn from experience, which can be costly. Luckily if you bet with bet 365, or other online sportsbooks with welcome bonuses, you can reduce these costs. Basically, your first step as a beginner is to be on a lookout for as many online platforms as possible where you are eligible to place your bets. A lot of providers offer generous welcome bonuses, and these are really the safest approaches to make money, in a way, from betting. 

Whenever you place a bet a portion of those funds will always go to the bookie, 10% in most cases. In other words, you never win a full amount as the bookie will always get a slice of your funds.

Reducing the luck factor as much as possible

Now it is time to take deep dive into all of the possible bets and to examine the possible outcomes. You should also make sure to inform yourself how certain bets are handled in the case of unforeseen events. It is for the best to place bets unbiased, and really take a deep dive into the recent history of competitors. That way you can weigh your own factors against those presented by the sportsbook. Also, do not just think within the lines who will win or lose or if it will be a tie. 

Think about other bets you can place that might be more certain, like the number of points scored in general, etc. It is this type of analysis that makes betting really hard because when you are this much invested, the loss hits you way harder, but the victory also tastes so much sweeter, because you know it wasn’t just luck that you won.  

Playing smart 

Another difficult part of betting is showing restraint, especially if you are on a losing streak. Our impulses get the better of us and we just want a single win before we call it a day. So we start betting on random games, unknown matchups, and even slot machines, thinking that we are bound to get lucky at one point. Remember that you always have agency and that it is because of that the betting is fun if you place it all on luck that is when you start truly losing. 

How to Avoid Common Online Betting Scams

We live in a stressful day and age when people are bothered by the amounts of difficult work they have to do every day. There are numerous stress-related diseases, including depression, and sometimes, it helps to have a hobby –some kind of activity that will help you relax and forget about the troubles of everyday life. Many people like online betting, as an interesting way of getting their daily dose of excitement, by visiting sites like to enjoy their free time. However, there are those who prey on people’s wish to relax and try to take advantage of them for their money. Discerning scams and successfully escaping them can sometimes be a really difficult task, especially for people who are not used to spending too much time on the Internet. However, there are some precautions that anybody can take, in order to have a safe online betting experience.

What are some of the signs of a good online betting site?

Spotting a scam website is definitely not an easy task. It may take some time for you to get the hang of how to differentiate between a scam and trustworthy websites. There are a few points you should always keep in mind. Firstly, the website in question needs to provide enough options for payment, in order to suit their clients’ needs. Good sites will provide you with a choice of whether you would like to use your credit card, online services such as Pay Pal, or even some kind of cryptocurrency to make your deposit. Secondly, trustworthy betting sites will let you make a withdrawal at any time, unlike scam sites, that do not allow that and want to keep you hooked and spending as long as possible. Thirdly, they provide a variety of betting options for their customers to enjoy; scam websites will force you to play games where you are likely to lose money.

What are some warning signs?

Avoid very shiny and over-decorated homepages, as they can sometimes be intentionally flashy, to divert your attention from the scams that lurk behind. Good, respectable websites have no need for overly flashy appearances; they build their customers’ trust with reliability and trustworthiness. Enormous bonuses are also indicative of a scam –sometimes a website will offer you unbelievable bonuses, which is the reason why you should carefully go over their terms and conditions, in order to avoid having to pay more than you intended.

How can you stay safe while betting online?

One of the most obvious things that people often overlook is simply ignoring unsolicited phone calls and spam emails. Many of these scam services will often illegally obtain e-mail addresses and phone numbers in order to try and get you to use their website. Another way you can stay ahead of potential scammers is by checking the website’s license and whether it is valid. Usually, this license is issued by some authority, which you can contact and see if you are safe to use their services. Online reviews are also a good way of determining whether a website is trustworthy. Visit some betting review websites, and look for reviews of the website in question. If there are far more positive than negative reviews, you are good to go. Otherwise, you might want to stay away from that website.


We are all as safe as we want to be, even in this part of the Internet. If we approach online betting carefully, follow the advice above, and do not make any rash decisions, it is not very likely that we will be scammed.

7 Cool Facts about Online Gambling

Nobody could have expected what the Internet would turn out to be. The vastness of the World Wide Web is astonishing, as well as the content you can find on it. When online gambling is concerned, there are plenty of options for people who like to spend or earn their money in an exciting way. Gambling itself is not a new phenomenon. It has been around since ancient times; various dice games were found even in Mesopotamia, in 3000 BC. Many authors, like Pushkin and Dostoevsky, tackled the passion people have for gambling and tried to describe it. When we combine this with the easy access that the Internet provides, we have a very satisfying platform that people can use. Here are some interesting and cool facts about online casinos.

1. The first online casino was opened in 1996, and it is still functional today.

Back in the ’90s, the possibilities were somewhat limited, compared to today’s technology, but that didn’t stop Internet Casino System Version IV from coming to be. It is amazing that it still functions today, with more than two thousand active casinos online.

2. The people from Cyprus spend the most money on online casinos per year.

 In a nation of some eight hundred thousand members, they annually spend up to two and a half million euros on online gambling. The average Cypriot then spends more than three thousand dollars on online gambling every year.

3. You do not necessarily need to spend money while gambling online.

Many casinos offer you the possibility of enjoying gambling, without actually having to spend money, if you are so inclined. This is a great option for those who are reluctant to spend money in a casino.

4. If you are a man, you are more likely to gamble.

Research shows that men account for more than eighty percent of gamblers today. Even though the average gambler is more than thirty years old, young men can also very easily become addicted, due to their impulsive nature.

5. The biggest casino win in history was paid by a casino site in Finland.

A man from Helsinki, with no gambling experience, ended up winning more than eighteen million euros, after only thirty minutes of playing.

6. Online casinos have loyalty clubs, as well.

When you go to a land casino, loyalty clubs track your playing and provide you with rewards corresponding to the frequency of your playing, like food or drinks on the house. On the Internet, however, you either get cash bonuses or other kinds of benefits that you might have as a regular visitor of the online casino. If you are not familiar with these bonuses, you might want to contact the casino and check what they have to offer.

7. When you play blackjack online, you cannot count cards.

Unlike in land casinos, cards for blackjack in online casinos are chosen by a random number generator, and the deck is shuffled not only before every game but also before every hand. Counting cards in this scenario is futile.

Online casinos have definitely improved, and the increasing numbers of people using them serves to show how widespread they have become. It is estimated that roughly eleven percent of Internet users bet or gamble online in some way.

Sports Betting Vs. Casino Games — Which one is more promising?

A lot of people around the world enjoy playing some kind of game. Additionally, if there is a chance of earning some cash while doing it, who would say no, right? 

The most popular games which allow you to have your cake and eat it too are sports betting and casino games. Both are fun, plus they bring along adrenaline and excitement. Yet, how to decide which of the two is more likely to help you add some numbers to your bank account?

Sports betting offers a multitude of ways to invest your money, altogether with a betting bonus, the possibility of combining betting elements and much more. Casino games, on the other hand, promise a bigger prize than sports betting. Still, with the latter, there is no foolproof strategy that can secure you the gain. Or maybe there is? 

Whichever is your cup of tea is certain to fill up your free time and, who knows, maybe even your pocket. Below we provided some details on both activities in case you still haven’t decided which one is your thing.

Sports Betting

Sports Betting originated almost simultaneously with sports, mainly for entertainment reasons. However, as everything develops in time, so did this “discipline”. Now, apart from making sports more interesting to watch, it has also become a way of getting one’s hands on, sometimes, a generous amount of money.

Some people believe that sports betting is a sport itself. They watch sports all the time, read bookmakers’ prognosis, follow standings of all clubs, their activities, budget and all the other information they can find. By doing so, they draw conclusions about the possible outcomes of matches and make a betting plan they believe is the right one.

While it is true that all this information can enhance your winning chances, it doesn’t mean it is necessarily the key to successful betting. Sometimes, a person who doesn’t even watch sports can place a bet and win. Needless to say, knowledge is power, so combining the research and a stroke of good luck probably might get you somewhere.

Casino Games

Unlike sports betting, casino games are more of a game of chance. Even if you watch numerous games, the one that you will be a part of is a completely new thing. It doesn’t have anything to do with any other game seen before.

There are people though who are sure that they discovered a “system” for some casino games. They try to incorporate their theories in the games they play and trust that it is going to work. And it sometimes does, but there is no way to prove that it was the tactics and not just pure luck.

Anyhow, if you manage to enter a casino on your lucky day, plus add some of the tactics here and there, you might become a very happy man. Or a woman whatsoever. Just be careful and do not get overwhelmed with either winning or losing. In the end, it’s only a game.

Casino and Betting Promo Codes: How Often They Change

How do you know when the offer will change? Or will it change at all? In the following article, we will try to see what casino and betting promo codes are and how often they can be changed.  

Casino and Betting Promo Codes

Firstly, what are casino and betting promo codes? Promo codes are some perks given to the clients in order to give them the opportunity to try their services out. Usually these promo codes involve registration to the website and are only exclusive to new players. One such example can be seen on this site that features the Pinnacle VIP code 2019. When it comes to casino promo codes, you are given the opportunity to try the game out and see whether you like it or not. When it comes to betting promo codes, they are slightly different. You are given a certain amount of bonus money which you can use in a bet on their site. This way, you get to see whether you like betting with them and using their website.

How Often do Casino and Betting Promo Codes Change?

Casino and betting promo codes are valuable both for the clients and for the website owners. When it comes to website owners, casino and betting promo codes are useful because they attract more clients. On the other hand, clients love promo codes because they can try their luck and knowledge for free. So how often do the promo codes change? It depends on the website. For example, some websites offer welcome bonuses and promo codes.These promo codes usually do not change that often, especially if they are successful in attracting more clients. In addition, there are promo codes which change annually and others that change every month. These promo codes have a specific target in mind. Usually they want to attract a certain group of people, or they simply want to expand their market. However, what is the most important thing to remember is that successful promo codes are not changed that often. If it attracts more clients and if the clients like it, the promo code will stay for a long time.


In this article we learned more about casino and betting promo codes, about their use and about how often they change. We saw that there is no need to change a good promo code, if a promo code serves its purpose, in other words if it attracts more clients. In addition, we learned that there are some promo codes which are used for specific purposes in order to attract a specific kind of clients, and that they are changed more often.

If you are into gambling and betting, try to make a good use out of the codes and enjoy your games.

Everything you need to know about Jackpot City Casino

If you are a novice in online betting, and you cannot choose one among so many online casinos, then the Jackpot City Casino is a real pick for you. It takes care of the safety and security of the clients. It also offers plenty of different games and interesting bonuses for its clients, such as the Jackpot City Casino bonus code that can be used for increasing the stake.


The Jackpot City Casino is a Las Vegas-themed online casino established in 1998. The casino managers have invested all their energy in creating a reputation and making clients choose it over other casinos. They have been operating successfully for 20 years already.

Attractive design

The first thing you notice when visiting the site of the Jackpot City Casino is a really attractive design. The homepage depicts a scene from Las Vegas with all those lights and brilliance. You get the impression that you are really located there. You simply cannot take your eyes off the violet details and you cannot resist the wish to create an account and try some games. It’s nice that you can do this in the comfort of your own home.

Play whatever game you like

No matter whether you are a desktop or mobile phone player, this casino offers a variety of different games, such as blackjack, baccarat, roulette or poker. It is full of entertainment for various types of clients. You can find a perfect game for you depending on your preferences.

Variety of bonuses

The Jackpot City Casino has a lot of daily, weekly, monthly and even exclusive offers, both for their regular clients and new ones. You will get a 100% bonus for your first four deposits, and the limit is 1600$. For example, if your first investment is 100$, you will get 100$ more. The next time you invest 300$ and get the same amount from the Jackpot City Casino, and so on.

Benefits for loyal and VIP players

The clients get loyalty points for every cash bet and these points can be used as money when they collect enough of them. Very important players are treated with respect and the casino has VIP rewards for them. They can also get the service of a personal assistant if they need it, and this service is available 24/7.

Payment methods and security

Since the Jackpot City Casino is licensed and certified by the MGA, the clients can be sure that their money transfers are safe. The casino is extremely dedicated to the security of the clients’ personal data and fair gaming. When payment options are concerned, different credit cards, web wallets, vouchers or mobile invoicing can be used.

Why choose it?

This Jackpot City Casino is one of the favorites because it offers really generous bonuses to the clients and they get a fun experience when playing here. But above all, they really feel secure and safe when visiting this casino.

Are online games reaching the peak of their popularity?

If you wanted to play video games a few years ago, you had to pay in order to get a console or a proper computer for this hobby. So, not all people were able to invest money in this activity. Nowadays, many games can be found for free and played online without even downloading them. With the rise of mobile phone usage, it became possible for everyone to find their favorite game and play it for recreation. But, some real gamers say that the comfort of gaming can only be found when you play on your computer or console.

Internet changes the world of games

Everything changes with the growth of technology and the Internet. We do not use the Internet only at our homes anymore, on the contrary, most of us access it via tablets and smartphones. We play games during breaks at work or school or while waiting in queues. So, we need our game to be available for us at every moment and to load fast and perform well.

Fast performance

Most gamers are bored with the download process that lasts longer or has the result of the game that does not work. They sometimes have to delete a downloaded version and waste their time in downloading a game again. This really frustrates them, and then they turn to online games which are usually fast and work well. This is a very important requirement of the games.

Online gaming audience

Not only playing but also watching online gaming became popular. People usually do this in order to get the idea about a game before they start playing it or to get a hint about leveling up or reaching a certain goal. This helps them improve their skills and find solutions and advice for their gameplay.

Multiplayer games

Multiplayer online games like League of Legends reached the peak of their popularity. This is because the console usually enables two people to play at the same time, while with online games you can play with how many people you want, and these people can be wherever in the world. People who like to compete with others usually chose these types of games.