A Simple Guide to Responsible Betting

Betting, whether it’s sports, games of skill, or those of chance, is an activity whose primary focus is entertainment. However, it’s so easy to get caught up in the moment and forget where we are and what’s really at stake. That’s why it is of utmost importance to bet responsibly. What does that mean?

Clear Head

Betting parlors, casinos, and even your friend’s house during a casual game of poker – these are the places where you relax and play a few games or place a few bets. To enjoy the moment even further, or perhaps to calm their nerves, some people have a smoke or a drink. This is a bad idea.

Do not forget that the money placed on the bet is real and that there are real risks involved. Substances like alcohol and others that shall remain unmentioned in this piece distort your ability to judge the situation. Do you know how some people claim they drive better after a few shots before you hear their car falls off a bridge? It’s like that, only with money. So, no risky behavior – your head needs to be clear.


A sure thing, a lock, a gut feeling, and inside info are all the things we say to ourselves when we are convinced that the next game, race, or fight is going to pay out. Sometimes, we are tempted to dip into our savings, our kid’s college fund, or rent. After all, we are just going to win it back immediately, right? Wrong.

It is best to avoid putting yourself in this position in the first place by setting aside a betting budget. When you run out, it’s time to go home, no ifs, ands, or buts. This also allows you to improve your self-discipline. Do not borrow money from a friend, or worse, a stranger.

It’s a Game

Perhaps the most important thing about betting is the fact that it’s meant to be fun. It’s a game. You win or you lose and you laugh it off at the end of the day. What it’s not is a way to make money. Even smaller bets over a longer period of time, while making full use of promotions do not replace regular income. The house always wins. If it didn’t, it would not still be in business. You are there to have fun and the betting parlor or casino is there to make money off of your fun. It is impossible to break it.

Know When To Walk Away

If you feel like you are going to win next time, walk away. If you are tempted to break one of the aforementioned rules, again, walk away. If you feel like you need help, seek it out. Phrases like “cut one’s losses” and “quit while you’re ahead” have existed for hundreds of years and for a good reason. You should not allow yourself to lose control, but, if you do, seeking help is the smartest and the strongest thing you can do.