Esports Players That Entered Year 2020 as Millionaires

Over the past decade or so, Esports’ popularity managed to generate massive momentum. It went from minor events to halls being constructed specifically for that purpose. So, with more funds pouring into this part of the gaming industry it is only reasonable that professional players became substantially rich. We are talking prize money, sponsorship deals, revenue generated by streaming and so on. Looking back on how 2019 and its esports tournaments it is safe to say that several players are now millionaires. Here is the list of some of the popular competitive games and iconic players that managed to get the top and reap financial benefits that came with the territory.   

League of Legends – Faker

League of Legends has been around for quite some time and the game has certainly evolved over the years. Yet regardless of the changes to the meta one name has always stood at the top Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok. Faker plays for SKT and currently has a net worth over a million. Even though several Dota 2 players have more net worth than Faker, it would be a dull list to only mention players who compete on those tournaments. Faker is indeed a name synonymous with skill, tactics, and top-notch expertise when it comes to the League of Legends, and deserves the spot on this list.    

Dota 2 – KuroKy

Captain of one the best Dota 2 teams Team Liquid KuroKy is the best and the richest player within this community. His net worth is above 4 million and he is one of the biggest earners when it comes to esports.  Kuro Salehi Takhasomi comes from Germany and his career started booming since 2017. One of the things he is famous for is never missing a single event organized by Valve. 

CSGO – Xyp9x 

Right after Dota 2 pros comes Counter Strike Go bourgeoisie with Andreas Højsleth aka Xyp9x at the helm. His name might not come to mind immediately when one mentions CSGO, but Xyp9x had steady growth and has a net worth over 1 million. His colleagues are not that far behind too.  Counter Strike is another game that has been around for a very long time, and the fact that it is still very relevant speaks volumes of how hard it is to raise at the top of such a huge player base.   

Shadowverse World Grand Prix 2018 – Yoshimoto Libalent Feg

Although it does not get as much media coverage mobile game market is also huge and thanks to Shadowverse World Grand Prix Yoshimoto is also a millionaire. So for those of you who think mobile games are just a waste of time, think again.