Gambling Laws Around the World

The gambling market is huge and provokes different reactions around the globe. Some see it as a part of their culture, while others try to protect their population from risky behavior. Online betting and games are a whole different category, as some countries outlaw them completely, which does not stop their citizens from trying to search terms like bet365 legal in India, hoping to find legal betting options online.

So, if you are a fan of casino games and betting, you should get acquainted with the laws of the countries you are planning on visiting. To help you get started, we’ve made a humble guide to betting while abroad.

North America

The land of the free and home of the brave is not as lax as one might think. Here’s the gist of it: Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey accept all forms of betting. Most of the US has a ban on online gambling, which is why many countries tend to implement a ban on Americans using their online casinos.

Nevada is famous for Las Vegas, known also as the Sin City and the gambling capital of the USA. Nevada was also the only state that allowed land-based casinos for many decades, but poker players and craps-lovers have been allowed to partake in their favorite hobbies in other states as well, among which are Colorado, West Virginia, New York, Indiana, and a few more. Your best bet, pardon the expression, is to keep tabs on the newest Supreme Court decisions and new legislation, as the laws regarding gambling are constantly changing in the US. Mexico and Canada are much more relaxed when it comes to gambling regulations.


Europe, as an entity, does not have any limitations regarding gambling. Individual countries of the EU have their own respective styles of approach. Germany, for example, allows gaming on machines, except when it comes to betting on horse races, which can be done in person. The French can play any casino game they want, provided it’s in a gaming hall. Online, they can play poker and bet on sports.

Greece has recently become more open to online gaming and gambling. Italy and the Netherlands have casinos. As for the UK, it is likely they are going to keep their lotteries and betting on sports, though the taxes may increase with the country leaving the EU and in need of additional income.


Japan still does not allow games like roulette or poker, though they are famous for their own games. The country does have relatively lax regulations when it comes to gambling, as their own games have a cult following. Sports betting and lotteries are still okay, though half of the winnings go to charities.

China allows games of chance and online betting and gambling has long been a part of the Chinese tradition. The gaming industry in India is worth tens of billions of dollars, with individual states having their own set of regulations regarding games of chance and skill. Most states allow betting on horse races, whereas betting on cricket is a bit of a grey area, which is a shame, as the underground cricket betting is enormous.

Last Minute Gambling Tips

Before visiting a country, make sure you understand their approach to gambling and whether foreigners are allowed to partake. Even different municipalities may have different takes on gambling laws and regulations, so make sure you do your fair amount of research before putting any money down. Or, you know, skip playing games for this one vacation.