The Best Sports Betting Wins of All Time

Sports betting is a form of entertainment people can now enjoy not only in person, while going to the tracks, the football field, and the like, but also from the comfort of their homes while searching for promotions like the betmgm nj bonus code. While it is not something that should ever be considered as a way to make money, there have been a few times when sports wins turned heads. Here are some of the best and greatest sports betting wins of all time.

Billy Walters

Bill Walters is the most notorious punter there is. He started his gambling career as a poker player and then moved on to sports betting, though he had experienced the thrill of betting on sports as a child. The entrepreneur with an expensive hobby had a losing streak that lasted until the 80s. However, his greatest bet that is still talked about was placed in 2010, when the New Orleans Saints faced the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLIV. The Saints were the underdogs and Walters placed a $3.5 million bet on them. Against all odds, the Saints won, earning Walters a lot of money.

Vegas Dave

In 2015, Dave Oancea placed a bet on Kansas City Royals to win the World Series. Why is this remarkable? There are several reasons, not least of which were the 30-1 odds. More impressive, however, was Oancea’s ability to predict World Series winners. He was so good prior to 2015 that the casinos did not want to take on his $140,000 bet as they could not handle the liability. Vegas Dave then came up with a solution: spread out the bet to 15 different casinos. He ended up with $2.5 million.

Steve Whiteley

Some entries on this list already had a lot of money to spare and when we want a good story about sports betting we are looking for a person with a low entry fee going home rich. That is, more or less, the story of Steve Whiteley, a heating engineer who attended a horse race at Exeter racecourse on a free promotion in 2011. He was not an experienced punter but he placed a £2 bet on Tote Jackpot, where punters try to predict the winners of 6 races. By a stroke of luck, not only did all of his horses win, but he was also the only one backing them up. He won £1.4 million.

Tayla Polia

Another underdog story follows Tayla Polia. She turned a $5 bet into $100,005 by betting on Week 15 in the NFL in 2015. Such a story is awesome in its own right, but the really amazing thing is that Polia didn’t understand how betting worked, having placed only one previously in her life. She had 14 picks against the spread and one over/under, but she didn’t understand the spread and was convinced at first that she had lost. A combination of luck and misunderstanding earned her $100,000.