How to Avoid Common Online Betting Scams

We live in a stressful day and age when people are bothered by the amounts of difficult work they have to do every day. There are numerous stress-related diseases, including depression, and sometimes, it helps to have a hobby –some kind of activity that will help you relax and forget about the troubles of everyday life. Many people like online betting, as an interesting way of getting their daily dose of excitement, by visiting sites like to enjoy their free time. However, there are those who prey on people’s wish to relax and try to take advantage of them for their money. Discerning scams and successfully escaping them can sometimes be a really difficult task, especially for people who are not used to spending too much time on the Internet. However, there are some precautions that anybody can take, in order to have a safe online betting experience.

What are some of the signs of a good online betting site?

Spotting a scam website is definitely not an easy task. It may take some time for you to get the hang of how to differentiate between a scam and trustworthy websites. There are a few points you should always keep in mind. Firstly, the website in question needs to provide enough options for payment, in order to suit their clients’ needs. Good sites will provide you with a choice of whether you would like to use your credit card, online services such as Pay Pal, or even some kind of cryptocurrency to make your deposit. Secondly, trustworthy betting sites will let you make a withdrawal at any time, unlike scam sites, that do not allow that and want to keep you hooked and spending as long as possible. Thirdly, they provide a variety of betting options for their customers to enjoy; scam websites will force you to play games where you are likely to lose money.

What are some warning signs?

Avoid very shiny and over-decorated homepages, as they can sometimes be intentionally flashy, to divert your attention from the scams that lurk behind. Good, respectable websites have no need for overly flashy appearances; they build their customers’ trust with reliability and trustworthiness. Enormous bonuses are also indicative of a scam –sometimes a website will offer you unbelievable bonuses, which is the reason why you should carefully go over their terms and conditions, in order to avoid having to pay more than you intended.

How can you stay safe while betting online?

One of the most obvious things that people often overlook is simply ignoring unsolicited phone calls and spam emails. Many of these scam services will often illegally obtain e-mail addresses and phone numbers in order to try and get you to use their website. Another way you can stay ahead of potential scammers is by checking the website’s license and whether it is valid. Usually, this license is issued by some authority, which you can contact and see if you are safe to use their services. Online reviews are also a good way of determining whether a website is trustworthy. Visit some betting review websites, and look for reviews of the website in question. If there are far more positive than negative reviews, you are good to go. Otherwise, you might want to stay away from that website.


We are all as safe as we want to be, even in this part of the Internet. If we approach online betting carefully, follow the advice above, and do not make any rash decisions, it is not very likely that we will be scammed.